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Morgan Hil Ministries

Cathedral of Faith Morgan Hill Ministries

Youth Ministry:  
God has a destiny for you! Whether you’re in JR High or High School we believe you will be encouraged and strengthened to find your purpose as a young person.  Our youth group is on fire for God and believes everyone has a gift to offer to the Lord.  You will have great times learning about God, fellowshipping with other young people, and most of all gaining new friendships!

Come pray with us!  Every Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m. we spend time learning about prayer and seeking God for all the prayer needs.  

Music Ministry:   We are always looking for new musicians and singers to find their place on our team.  We are a ministry who loves seeking God through music.  Come and take part in this ministry.  

Tech Ministry:  
We can always use a few extra hands in the Tech Department.  Every day we learn something new with Technology.  If you love to learn, then we need you!  

Sound Ministry/Set up:  

Are you an early riser?  Sunday Mornings our team prepares the sanctuary, setting up for our church service.  Come and join our team.  It’s always a special time when you know you are preparing God’s house for worship.    

Women’s Ministry:  
Ladies, it’s always a joy to know we can meet and fellowship. Our women’s ministry puts on several classes and events year long.  Come and join women who love the Lord, and love to serve.  

Men’s Ministry:  
Men, we know life can be hectic, so you need some time to regroup with other men.  Our men’s ministry is always looking for ways so men can grow on their journey.  Come and join one of our classes or events.  

Every service we share the Love with great hospitality. Whether, it’s a cup of coffee, or some pastries.  We are always looking for new volunteers to get involved.  

Children’s Ministry:  
Children are precious in HIS sight.  Our ministry is always in need of volunteers who absolutely love, love, love children.  If God has given you a gift that can help our children’s ministry, please contact us and we will give you more information.  

Life Groups:  
To study the bible is our desire.  Come and take some time out of your day and come to our home study group.  This study group is an exciting time to learn more about Jesus.  

Sports Ministry:  
We are always looking for men or women who would love to get involved in our sports ministry.  Each season brings new ways to stay active and share the love of Jesus Christ.  

Usher Ministry:  
“To be a door keeper in the house of the Lord”, are you ready to serve? We are looking for men or women who would absolutely love to serve in this capacity.  
Reaching Out –Morgan Hill:  
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, alongside the Second Harvest Food Bank, this ministry serves the community as a monthly food pantry.  This program feeds families with children under the age of 18.  Currently we serve 160 families per month.  We are always looking for volunteers.  

Shirley’s Closet:  
Every quarter, Shirley’s closet gives out free clothes to those who are in need.  We join the “I Love Morgan Hill” group and together we partner in loving our community with food and clothing.   

I Love Morgan Hill:  
Our events need lots of volunteers.  This ministry has quarterly events which feed the community.  We partner along with Martha’s Kitchen and several organizations to meet the need of our community.    

New Beginnings  
Every Sunday Morning we have our new beginnings classes.  Come and learn what the bible has to say to us.     Evangelism   Our ministry is always engaging in the community.  We love our community and we will find creative ways to let everyone know “we love them and so does Jesus.”  

Marriage Ministry:  
Come and celebrate your marriage.  We truly believe what God has put together!   You and your spouse are special to God.  Several times a year we will have classes or events.  Always be ready to invest in your marriage.                  

Saturday  5 PM  
Sunday  | 8:30 AM | 10 AM |  11:45 AM

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Wednesday 7:30 PM