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Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of Cathedral of Faith is looking for “more than a few” good men! We have a vision of the men of our church stepping out of their comfort zones and linking up with us to become courageous spiritual warriors in these critical times.  We cannot win the spiritual battle before us by being passive and uninvolved. We challenge you to abandon mediocrity and to become engaged in the most exciting and most rewarding journey of your life!

The Cathedral of Faith Men’s Ministry has the vision of teaching men to live courageously for their faith and their families, while challenging all men to become the man God created them to be. 

  God has answers for all the issues of life that we face.  But we need training, direction, focus, and the benefits of spiritual comradeship to do our best in the “race that is set before us.” We have resources and opportunities to help you become the spiritual leader of your household and a man of Godly influence in your daily life.  Pastor Richard Mock is teaching a weekly class called “The Resolution for Men,” designed to help men work through the hidden issues of their past, and make courageous decisions for themselves and their families. On Wednesday nights, Men’s Ministry Director, Dan Theobald, teaches a Bible class in which the word of God is presented in depth, showing us how to apply scripture to every area of life. Sunday mornings we have a time of prayer in the chapel.

 And we have fun too!  Food, fellowship, and faith all go well together.  We have several Saturday morning breakfast events, a trip once each year to AT&T Park to see the SF Giants play including a “first class” tailgate lunch, and other events designed to bring you into close fellowship with real men of God.  Finally and most important, we meet on the 4th Monday night of each month (except December) for prayer at the Prayer Center in the Reaching out Building.  We call ourselves, The Men of the Word, because God honors those who honor His Word!  Your decision to become a “Man of the Word” will be a start on a pathway of spiritual growth that you will never regret. We need you, you need us! Let the Men of the Word show you that we live out words you hear about our church, a place where the love is lived out!

Men's Ministry Pastor: Pastor Richard Mock
Men's Ministry Director: Joe Ferrante





Saturday  5 PM  
Sunday  8:30 AM | 10 AM | 11:45 AM 

Horton Youth Center
Sunday  2 PM

Wednesday 7:30 PM

Sunday  10AM