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Current Programs


God Speed*   (Free Orientation/Intro Class Feb. 18, 2017)

The Brand New Worship Cycling Experience,  in our new dedicated indoor group cycling room and only at The FLC! Developed using tried and true indoor cycling techniques in hill climbs, cadence counts and all out sprints, GodSpeed integrates the power of worship music to build the spirit along with the cycling challenges for mind and body. The new indoor cycling room will have tv monitors that will take you on a visually engaging journey through the music, while a separate monitor will display your heart rate* to make sure you get your best out of each ride  and encourage others to push through as well. With our real time heart rate monitoring technology, you will know exactly how hard to go, when to slow down and finally get the acknowledgement you deserve out of each effort. It's an indoor cycling experience  like you've never had before and the type of community you have been waiting for.
GodSpeed is a Cathedral Strong Level 2 Class

Start Strong  
Beginner Weight Training  and Cardiovascular Training
These are great classes for  people who are new to the gym experience and those who are just getting back to the gym. These classes will teach you how to properly use the cardio and strength equipment available at the Family Life Center. These classes will also teach you the importance of logging your workouts and the secret of heart rate.

P31 Strong* 
Women Specific Group Training
A class designed specifically to help women gain strength, confidence and purpose. Alongside women with the same goals to live happier and healthier lives. Becoming P31 Strong will make you a positive change you have always desired for yourself, your family and your community.

2twenty2 Strong 
Youth Ministry Group Training

Senior Strong 
Cardiovascular Training and Weight Training

Senior Fitness
Attention retirees who love fitness, fun & friends

Work towards better health and stronger bodies with a welcoming group of friends who will work with you and  encourage you towards your goals.  Improve your balance and flexibility and function in this fresh and creative exercise program.

Cathedral Strong* 
Open Cardiovascular Training and Weight Training

P4MX Strong*
Challenge your F.I.T. foundation with progressive sequences of stability, balance, flexibility, mobility,
resistance, cardiovascular, agility, quickness, speed, and explosive training!  Make your workouts count!  

Strengthen your core for effective, pain free exercise.  Set a strong foundation  to your fitness by learning techniques that develop stability and strength

Challenge your core with an introduction to interval training!  You will prepare your cardiovascular and
muscular systems to produce the power needed to achieve ultimate fitness.

Maximize the metabolism of each workout with progressive core exercises, cardiovascular, and resistance training
in a motivating team environment.  Build strength, endurance, and stamina in order to sustain power.

*Fee based class. Register at the Fitness Desk

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