International Weekend 2021

Rebecca Ybarra Palma
Our Cathedral of Faith kicked off international weekend October 23-24th on a rainy fall weekend. Even with the cold weather, our church family did not shy away from attending service. Instead, we all gathered with high spirits, which was especially easy to do with the hot chocolate and coffee that was served! Cathedral kids’ ministry kicked it off by sharing their talent of singing, dancing, and tumbling on stage. The Mariachi band followed with a fantastic performance sharing the Hispanic culture with the church. We also received heartfelt messages from our church partners with ministries around the Bay area and world such as Philippines, Mozambique, Italy, and England. Later, the worship team came on stage to sing “In Jesus Name” in multiple languages that each singer connected with from their heritage.
What is truly special about our church is that we rejoice in the fact that we are uniquely and perfectly made by our creator and make it a tradition to acknowledge that during international weekend and every week after. We rejoice by embracing our gifts, talents, and cultures to worship together in more ways than one. Pastor Wayne recognized the many special countries native to our church family. Each member would stand when their home country was called out, all standing in the end to look around and see how God loves us all. We witnessed how many of us are from all over the world and yet, we come to gather in one place, as one church, declaring the good word.
Pastor Ken made a memorable sermon declaring that “No one is too far gone that the grace of God can’t reach them. Praying for your enemy and loving your neighbor is a lot of the time one in the same. A friend to sinners is a bridge to them.”
-Pastor Ken
Pastor Ken then went on to share a passage from the inspiring book, The Purpose Driven Life. It states: “Bringing even one person to God lives out your purpose for eternity.”
-Rick Waren
Ending church was vibrant with a powerful performance by our Cathedral dancers, members, and worship team. There were many different flags of countries, diverse cultural outfits, languages sung, and all ages through the aisles and stage. What a way to promote diversity as they closed church service. Surely, this left a time for reflection on purpose during a cozy rainy weekend



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