Scripture: Proverbs 14:15
Pastor Mike Garcia

“The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looks well to his going.”

There is a contrast between two types of individuals.  One is simple and the other is prudent.  The simple “naive, gullible, are easily influenced but the prudent think before they act. The simple man believes every word he hears for he lacks any fixed principle by which to gauge the verity of another’s words or ways. In consequence, he often takes the wrong steps and stumbles. The prudent man considers carefully the planting of his feet and ponders the direction in which he is advancing. He fears the dreadful consequences of evil. He refuses to play around with evil, but rather chooses to remove himself from its presence with haste. The fool consistently gives way to passion and is confident that he can master any situation.

Without the Holy Spirit of God, without the Word of God, I would be considered naïve and gullible.  Arrogance communicates to me that I do not need God’s guidance and protection. God knows everything, past, present and future.  It would behoove me to seek His wisdom on a daily basis and ask Him to guide my steps and to crown my effort with success.  A wise man realizes that He cannot make it without God.  A wise man cries out to God daily.  With the Lord, He feels protected and directed.  This is the way of the child of God.

I pray Holy Spirit for your hand upon my life and everything that concerns me.  My health, my marriage and my family are equally important to you, as is my ministry.  Teach me humility that I might learn to depend upon you and come to you in prayer.  Thank you for your love and for your wisdom.  I am so grateful for how you want to be involved in my life.




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