Scripture: Proverbs 27:17
Pastor George Guerrero


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


What I see in this scripture is how much of an affect we can have on people, positive or negative. Our society is filled with people in all walks of life, in the home, in schools, and in the professional world. It’s sad to say even in churches today, words are spoken harshly to one another to the point where people are destroying each other daily, which can lead to discouragement. It’s no wonder there’s a lot of unhappy people in our world today. But as believers we can make a difference!


As believers we have a responsibility and an obligation to be that iron that can sharpen those around us, whether at home, work, schools, etc. If Jesus is our Lord and Savior, He is always there to sharpen us when our lives are feeling dull. If He is always willing and ready to sharpen us, we need to be willing and ready to do the same by sharpening others. We have what it takes—we need to take that opportunity when the opportunity is there to sharpen someone today. We have a discouraged and hurting world; let’s make a difference by speaking life to someone, building up someone, encouraging someone, and in doing so that’s how you sharpen someone! Amen!

Lord, my prayer is that we take our eyes off ourselves and look at the world around us that can use some sharpening. I know the more you use me to sharpen someone, my life is being sharpened. Help me to be that iron for my family and those I come in contact with outside of my family. I pray the same for all believers, that we become “selfless iron workers.” Amen!




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